I grew up in an artistic atmosphere. My father, Jim Berrington, was a gifted 'Sunday-painter', as is clearly shown on this website. Uncles and aunts loved to paint or draw, many of the family’s friends were professional artists and the walls of our house were covered with paintings. My mother Annie was a dedicated singer.

Already at a very early age, my sister Elizabeth and I received art lessons from two of my parents’ friends, the renowned Dutch artists Willy Fleur and Jan Cossaar.

Many years later, it was Raden Suwondo Sudewo, an Indonesian batik artist, who introduced me to the art of batik and who organized my very first batik exhibition in the Municipal Museum of Den Haag.

This does not mean that batik is the only art form I like. Another favorite technique is enamelling and there are many other disciplines I enjoy working in.

My sister and I work in such different ways that we are a constant inspiration to each other. Both my sister and I live and work in Den Haag, Holland.

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Me (Ellen)
My sister Elizabeth (Betty)
My father J.E.Berrington

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