Jim Berrington and the International Art Club

From a Newsletter of the International Art Club (Oktober 1986):

Jubilee Party

"This party, prepared by the Committee for all IAC members and their partners, was an outstanding success. Many members attended this evening at our Club quarters, which had been decorated with paintings and wall-hangings lent to us for the occasion by some members, and made extra festive with garlands.

In a short speech Annette Girgert welcomed everyone, and especially Jim Berrington.

She mentioned the fact that Jim had been a club member for a very long time – almost from the beginning – and that he had taken part in all exhibitions except the very first one. She said that, as having an actively working member of Jim’s age (Jim is 90) was such a great privilege, the Club wished to honour Jim by making him an Honorary Member. She then offered him a bunch of flowers for his wife Annie who, owing to a slight disposition, was not able to attend this evening’s party…"

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