Contemporary Warm Glass

A Guide to Fusing, Slumping and Kiln-Forming

Author: Brad Walker
Publisher: Four Corners International, Inc., Clemmons, NC, USA
ISBN: 0-97009334-9
Price: $ 47.95. It may be ordered through

Book review by Ellen Goldman. First published in Glass on Metal vol. 24 no. 4, August 2005
When searching the Internet for books on working with glass, I came upon Brad Walker's book Contemporary Warm Glass. I find this an interesting and stimulating book.
It has instructions on lots of different aspects of working with glass. It provides information on materials (types of glass, kilns, molds and lots of other things), it discusses the basics of slumping and fusing, as well as some more advanced techniques, one of which is kiln-casting. I was intrigued by the chapter 'Making your Own' which deals with making frit, stringers, shards, confetti and other practical things. Being a 'safety freak', I was also pleased at finding a chapter dealing with health and safety.
Annealing is extensively discussed, so is the finishing of work for display, complete with a short description of how to sign your work. Designing and trouble-shooting are not forgotten, and there are extensive lists featuring Bullseye and Spectrum system 96 fusing and slumping schedules. There is also a casting schedule, and the Libenski/Brychtowa chart. The book ends with lists of Artists and Artwork, resource listings (I was pleased to see Thompson Enamel listed here), references, index and a temperature conversion table.

This is a very complete book, not only good to study but also a joy to see, as it is full of beautiful, inspiring photographs.


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