J.E. (Jim) Berrington

James Edward Berrington was born in 1896. He passed away in 1989 at the age of 93.

As a boy, he attended Taunton School in Somerset, spending many of his holidays with his parents who lived in Den Haag (The Hague), The Netherlands.
Later, he married Annie Nales, a Dutch girl, and the couple settled in Den Haag where Jim became a well-known teacher of English. His special subject was Business English, but he also prepared a great number of pupils for the M.O. examinations and the examinations Tolk/Vertaler. He wrote a number of books on business English, as well as a book on English grammar.

He devoted his spare time to his family and to his great hobby: PAINTING. Another special hobby of his was CONJURING, and he would show his clever conjuring tricks on many special occasions.
Jim liked to paint landscapes, always from nature, and still lifes, but he also enjoyed making abstract works. During his life he won many prizes for his paintings. His annual exhibition, invariably staged at his home address, always attracted many visitors.
When painting landscapes, he would often find his subjects in or around Den Haag, but he would never forget to take his paints along when the family went on holiday. During the years of their marriage (60+ years!) Jim would make very personal birthday presents for his wife Annie. These were small paintings, invariably of a very personal nature: the garden of the family home, a portrait of Annie under the laburnum tree, or a birthday cake are some of the paintings that come to mind. Sometimes these paintings would have a self-made poem written on the back.

On his 90th birthday, when Jim was still actively painting, he was made 'Honorary Member' of the International Art Club of Den Haag.

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Sometimes I get emails from persons who own one or more of my late father's paintings. This monkey ' lives' in France. His photograph was sent to me by his present owners, the H.Gerritzen family.

If you, too, have paintings made by Jim Berrington I would be very interested to hear from you.

Thanks in advance for your reaction,
Ellen Goldman


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