The Challenge

The Source, enamel

Sometimes my friends ask me why I busy myself with two such different techniques as batik and enamelling. I usually answer that these various techniques have a common factor and I hasten to explain.

When enamelling, I combine two totally different materials - -  metal and glass - - which are seemingly incompatible. Making these materials bond is a real challenge to me. The resulting object is strong and beautiful.  Enamels made thousands of years ago are as beautiful today as they were when they were first made. I wonder: how long will my own work endure?


Oerbos/Ancient Wood, batik

Batik offers a totally different kind of challenge, a more personal one. The work takes patience and those who know me, know that I am not a very patient person. As I draw my lines in wax on silk or cotton, I get more and more intrigued, but my patience is put to the test when the batiks have to dry and the colour must be fixed. Only when the work is totally dry, I can continue with a following colour. All this takes time... and I find it difficult to muster the patience needed. I cannot, however, withstand the challenge to make an intricate design in this technique.   

There's More...

Enamelling and Batik are not the only disciplines I am interested in. 
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